Getting to Grips with TribalMind

So many tools and applications and very little time to get up to speed with these. We live in a world where, if we cant understand it and use it within a few easy clicks, we move on.

This has been our challenge for TribalMind. Its actually a layer on top of a very complex vision. The challenge, as always has been to make it simpler. This is the discipline of user experience and design thinking. Quite a complex discipline in fact for those who are more involved in the rational, technical and analytical aspects of technology. Technology is all about the user experience now, and then shaping the technology to accommodate that experience.

This is helped along by the whole agile movement. Build a prototype, see how its used, tweak and optimise. Well, this is the same for TribalMind. We did a soft launch to a set of beta users in September 2014. Since then we have been working on improvements and enhancements as well as the mobile app to make the acquisition of knowledge easier. We are continually releasing small updates but the major new release will be in April 2015 where we will "officially" go live and start the marketing engine.

In the mean time, here is a collection of help journeys that will give you an overview of the "digital" brain of TribalMind and how to use it (MVP 2014 Beta Version). Have fun, and please, send as many comments and ideas as you want. We want to make this system work for you. We want to "digitise your mind" so to speak. So you need to see the value in that, and let us know your concerns and how best to help you in this process.

Tribalmind On-boarding Journey

Craig Martin


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